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Bail / Wishes on a Plane - transparency Split 7"

Bail / Wishes on a Plane - transparency Split 7 Inch Bail / Wishes on a Plane - transparency Split 7 Inch Bail / Wishes on a Plane - transparency Split 7 Inch

time 11. - info

+ DVD (january 11th 2011), 308 copies on white marble vinyl. EUR 4,00

rerelease of the tour split CD-R (time 6.5), both songs were remixed/remastered. bail play au fil de temps, woap play blanket I. the DVD contains a 30 min. bonus documentary called "life takes you where it goes" tobi of bail made about both bands's tour in january 2009. this documentary also contains a video of a never recorded/released song by woap. they would play that song last in their set and then make a smooth blending between their set and bail's first song. you can see the whole thing (woap's last song, the blend, baill's first song) on the DVD. handnumbered inner sleeves, stamped record labels, printed inlay with stamped bandnames. about 10 records have black sparkles. and about 50% of the covers are made from one of a kind original matrizes of the DDR-army as the original CD-R version was. the rest comes in printed see-through paper covers.

listen to bail and woap
co-release with canot pneumatique

time 11. - reviews/opinions

Bail have a grooving emoter here, not far from the likes of Reiziger and stuff like that. plenty of intent. wishes on a plane do a building effort, an instrumental farewell, influenced by mid 90s emo in the tension and feel. lovely elaborate packaging. solid release all round.
andy / sncl distro