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Saturday's kids - Self Titled 10"

Saturday's kids - Self Titled 10 Inch Saturday's kids - Self Titled 10 Inch

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+ download code (april 2011), 300 copies. EUR 9,00

5 more songs by saturday's kids not unlike those one the split with kids return. a mix between hardcore/rough mid 90s emo and some postrock and even indie. screenprinted sleeves

co-release with bombed out, sncl and art for blind
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time 13. - reviews/opinions

Saturdays Kids evolve with each release, conjuring up a slightly new sound to go along with some fresh ideas. It makes them an interesting band to keep up with. For instance, this 10" kicks off with what appears to be a reverbed out Codeine meets early Antarctica style number, all slowed down and spacey vocals that are tastefully crushed underneath everything. Then is suddenly spirals off in a completely different direction, revolving around tight, pummelling guitars and punk rock yelling. An intriguing contrast, though I prefered the Codeine bit. Which is handy because they get back to being all moody on "Neurological Design", although they still can't resist the urge to rock out here and there. Triumph of the 10" though is when they say "to hell with it" and pretend they are Indian Summer, getting stoned and listening to Codeine even more than usual. The song is "Empty Spaces", which kills it, moving smartly between soft vocals and ominous, twinkling guitar and then noisier melodic outbursts. The production barely holds things together and it's a fine effort that on it's own makes this record a keeper, disregarding the fact that most of the other songs are good uns in their own right. Just in case you were getting a little bit complacement here, thinking you had worked them out, they follow it up with an ugly, noisy thing that I'd be quite happy to skip myself, but maybe that's the shit you're down with. And then SK wrap it up with another rocker, fast and furious to the finale. More my scene. So there you go. A mish mash of things. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always certain. Good 10".
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