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Saturday's kids / Kids return - Split 10"

Saturday's kids / Kids return - Split 10 Inch Saturday's kids / Kids return - Split 10 Inch

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(march 17th 2011), 500 copies. EUR 8

finally more songs from my friends kids return. if you know them you'll get what you expect, desperate mid 90ies emo in a saddest landscape way. on the flipside saturday's kids with a rather versatile sound between hardcore, mid 90ies and some postrockish elements. 3 songs each band. awesome.

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co-release with sncl and art for blind

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Much has changed for Saturday's Kids since I reviewed their demo about two years ago. Then they were a bunch of Sonic Youth inspired seventeen year olds playing their first gig outside Wales and sticking together handmade demos; now they have embarked on two UK tours as well as a European one - a result of astounding persistence and hard work. The talent is there too to be fair but no band in this realm of music does such a large amount of gigging in so short a space of time without a lot of ambition. There, of course, has been an evolvement in their musical style too, which has been just as startling. Every record has sounded different, which is a testament to their adaptability but in some respects one must also ponder the sound they are aiming for. Is it truly to push boundaries or a result of whatever band they decide to copy next (consciously or subsubconsciously)? I mean this in the nicest possible way but I find it hard to believe that there are many who enjoy all of their output. The three songs on this split vary considerably too between themselves. The first has a chorus that reminds me of New Order. The second harks back to the band's split with Évariste Galois but with a softer touch in places. Sion's harsh vocals keep things punk whilst trading off with Rhys' singing that comes straight out of the shoegazing 90s. With the band about to embark on a third UK tour I truly have no idea what to expect next.
Kids Return... probably the best UK emo band of the last decade. They will play a final gig in Brighton next weekend and release one final song after this split. Hopefully if you are a fan then you got to see them on their recent UK tour with Human Hands and Your Neighbour The Liar. It was truly wonderful to see them play a bunch of gigs after two years of reduced activity. You could see that the tightness was not quite there at the beginning of the tour but by the final Manchester gig they had nailed it once more. The broken microphone at that gig meant James had to really go for it and his strained vocals came across better than ever to the fifty or so people in the cramped basement, the rest of band perfectly in time. There will be few better emo performances in the rest of this decade; that drum beat on 'The World Is Burning...', man oh man. Three songs occupy their side of the split - it is weird listening to the record after hearing the songs played so intensely last week. The first song appears to be nostalgic reminescence about playing in the band over the last four years. One thing I must say is that since Kids Return's LP 'Tongue Tied' is so good, they have struggled to surpass it with songs that followed. However, the third song 'Bond St' defintiely reaches these heights. You will struggle to remain stationary as the ending kicks in. A truly great band, RIP.

oli saunders, collective zine

super happy to get in on a kids return release, and these 3 songs should be the perfect present for anyone who has missed them of late. traditional 90s emo with driving guitars and desperate vocals. along the lines of yaphet kotto and the shivering. saturday's kids are evolving fast, and on this, their second release, they offer us some skewed indie / post punk, not particularly like any other band on sncl but seriously good nonetheless. the final track in particular is super special with airy vocals and grooving guitars, bit of a codeine feel to that one.
andy / sncl

Englische Qualitätsware landete vor kurzem auf meinem Plattenteller. Zwar handelt es sich hier um Bands die mir auf jedenfall noch nicht so geläufig waren, jedoch für angenehmes Wohlbefinden in meinen Gehörgängen sorgten. Loslegen wollen wir doch mal mit der Seite der Saturday Kids. Mit dem ersten Titel "Whisper In My Ear" meint man gleich in einen Danceclub der 70/80er Jahre geworfen worden zu sein. Kein Wunder das die Jungs auf ihrem Myspace unter Einflüssen Joy Division stehen zu haben. Den eben genannten 70/80er Charakter halte die Jungs in ihren zwei Titeln "Unattainable" und "Theorum" zwar aufrecht; zeigen aber das sie auch Punk können. Hier wird New Wave Punk gemacht oder so. Kids Return bleiben jedoch ganz klar der Punklinie treu. Sie erinnern an die Kollegen von Bail oder Kids Explode. Leider klingen sie gegen die Ebengenannten und ihre Splitpartner etwas eintönig und wissen nicht wirklich hängenzubleiben. Einzig ihr letzter Song "Bond ST" bildet da noch eher eine Ausnahme, aber dort auch eher nur das Ende in dem viel Gefühl und Energie steckt.
Während die Saturday Kids mit ihrer Musikrichtung mich wirklich positiv überraschen konnten blieben Kids Return doch leider ein bisschen zurück. Auch wenn die Mischung der Bands mich nicht so recht überzeugen weiß empfehle ich euch die Scheibe zu holen, denn Saturdays Kids sind dort mal echt der Knaller.

johannes / locked groove zine