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Grave, Shovel... Let's Go! / Me and Goliath - Split 7"

Thoughts Paint The Sky - s/t Thoughts Paint The Sky - s/t

time 6. - info

white vinyl. an awesome record which I'm very proud of being able to help out with, GSLG became friends the first day (or rather 2nd) I met them and MAG are an awesome band and the songs are simply intense, I was lucky to get to know steve last year and hope to meet the other guys someday too. Kristof of Kids Explode did the artwork. GSLG made and photocopied the inlays. this is a cooperation with parade of spectres and asymmetrie.

time 6. - reviews/opinions

GSLG have come quite a way since the last time I heard them, which I believe was some dreadful demo track they had up on Myspace. Knowing my skills, that song is probably on this 7", and I was just in a bad mood at the time. Their music twinkles away delightfully on the first song with the bass playing an integral part in forming their sound, pushing things onwards. Things fall apart a little when they try and get more energetic, but overall this is really effective stuff that brings to mind Reiziger, with urgent spoken vocals and the familiar guitar sound. The second song is fairly disposable, it builds up and eventually they gang shout a bit. Nowhere near as effective as the first song to be honest. Me and Goliath are a UK band that I know absolutely nothing about. They don't even post on Collective as far as I know. That's grounds for being kicked out of the scene right there! They are screamo with some emo elements, lots of desperate yelling and rumbling guitars. The first song reminds me of stuff like Her Breath on Glass perhaps. "Sick Boy" seems like the pick of the two songs for the most part. It comes across in places as a band still finding their feet, but they show enough to make it worth investigating if you are into this style.
andy malcolm / sncl, uk

two songs by each band. gslg sound a bit like they're from halifax (which is awesome of course), while mag visit the rawer sides of the mid 90s (awesome, too)

me and goliath are from the uk and have a solid, extra fancy screamo/emo touch. heartful and depressive like their brothers in bow 359! gravel, shovel are from germany and play tricky, post influenced emo punk with a noisy touch of petethepriratesquid! the records are white with an handmade booklet!
andi / builtonfriendship